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Semiramis Software Architekturgrafik

Example: The "Semiramis" software architecture
Complicated, abstract structures are becoming understandable

This image - developed by Wolfgang Karner - describes the complex structure of the ground-breaking, innovative enterprise resource and planning (ERP) software "Semiramis" - now distributed under the brand name "COMARCH ERP". According to the software's progressing development status, the image was constantly enhanced and highly praised for its clearness and persuaviseness within the software community. Therefore this software architecture image always was a desirable subject for illegal or unauthorized use, copying, modification and falsification. 

Wolfgang Karner also designed the entire user interface for this highly ergonomic ERP software - including thousands of integrated icons. The award-winning software was designed from the scratch for the internet and is used very successfully by numerous medium-sized companies
like Zalando, SONAX, Victorinox, Blizzard, Falke, the sportscar manufacturer Wiesmann, Develey, Freudenberg, Dallmayr, Kik, Bernbacher, and many more.

Line short

More than 500 cases of illegal use in Latin America only 
The Software Architecture Image - an object of desire

An evidence for
the software architecture visualization's quality and clarity is the fact that countless illegal copies and counterfeits of Wolfgang Karner's current and previous graphic-versions are beeing used all over the world. Numerous businesses, educational institutions, universities, telecommunication companies and individuals are illegally using the visualization for their business purposes. Only in Latin America, from Mexico down to the deepest south of Chile, we found at least 500 different websites using Wolfgang Karner's work improperly for their own business purposes - in disregard of all copyright laws.

Below you can see the previous version of the current software architecture image - illegally used "en masse" - worldwide!